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Bonaparte Collection

The Bonaparte Collection contains items related to Napoleon, Joseph, Charlotte and other members of the Bonaparte Family. It also includes Bonaparte souvenirs, and decorative items that may be described as "French Philadelphia" or from the Napoleonic Era.

Japanese Paintings Collection

A collection of Japanese paintings imported by the J. B. Millett Co. of Boston, c. 1900.

Magee Collection

Collection of 65 picture post cards, c. 1905-1910 of Philadelphia area sites, primarily Germantown. Nearly all cards are postmarked and addressed to Miss Clara Baumann, 5037 Pulaski Street, Germantown. Gift of Eileen M. Magee, 2017

Portraits and Paintings and Paintings/resized/2013.38.01.jpg

Presented here are portraits and paintings found in various Athenaeum collections. Most are oil paintings, though a few portraits have been included that were created in other mediums. There are additional portraits and paintings in the Bonaparte Collection, also available on this site.

Robert L. M. Camden Collection


The Camden Collection consists of the artwork and personal materials of artist and graphic designer Robert L. M. Camden (1855-1922). It includes drawings, prints, photographs, and manuscripts. Examples of his work include cigar box designs, notepad covers, lettering and company logos. For most of his career, Camden worked as a solo artist and illustrator based in Philadelphia. In 1887, he briefly partnered with René Théophile de Quélin as "Camden & Quelin Artists, Designers & Illustrators."

Robert M. Skaler Postcard Collection

Gift of retired architect Robert M. Skaler, 2016. These 1899 postcards, (bulk dates 1900-1976), depict Philadelphia and surrounding area. Originally arranged in 14 ring binders, roughly by subject or type. The number following PC in each item's local id number indicates the original binder number. Binder subjects were as follows: 1-Atlantic City 2-Parks 3-Schools 4-Linens 5-Hotels/Restaurants 6-Center City/Waterfront 7-Churches/Hospitals/Clubs/Prisons/Cemeteries 8-Real Postcards 9-North Broad Street 10-South Broad Street 11-North Philadelphia Real Postcards 12-Art Cards 13-Commerce 14-Lutz/Architects/Panorama/Neighborhoods

Sino-Japanese War Ukiyo-e Prints War Ukiyo-e Prints_279/279-PR-2005.jpg

A collection of ukiyo-e (Japanese wood block) prints produced during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895), depicting various battles and scenes of the war.