Chasseur a Cheval



Chasseur a Cheval


Pierre Nicolas Tourgueneff


1890 (circa)


A bronze equestrian statuette representing a "chasseur a cheval," a French cavalry soldier of the Napoleonic era. Faces left. Soldier is depicted wearing a short fur hat with plume; a coat with fur collar, cuffs and braided front with four rows of buttons; and boots with spurs. Hanging from the belt around the soldier's waist is a sword and cartridge box with an eagle badge. The horse is represented carrying the soldier's blanket roll. The statuette rests on an oval wooden base, which is painted black. Born in Paris of Russian parents, Pierre Nicolas Tourgueneff (1854-1912) specialized in portrait and equestrian sculpture. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1880 to 1911, four times receiving honorable mentions and the Grand Prize at the Universal Exposition of 1889. This cast bronze statue portrays a "chasseur a cheval," a French cavalry soldier of the Napoleonic era. Tourgueneff's realistic modeling of the uniformed soldier and horse reflects more than an artistic interest in his subject. He was a member of the Legion of Honor, achieving the rank of "Chevalier" in 1903, after twenty years of active service. The Legion of Honor, instituted by Napoleon in 1802, is France's highest honor for citizens of military or civil distinction.


24.0" H x 19.0" W x 6.0" D


Cast bronze


Gift of Pauline T. Pease


Bonaparte Collection, The Athenaeum of Philadelphia